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C Walters Intercoastal Corp. (CWIC) has been producing scuba-quality snorkeling gear since 1996, and due to the quality and innovation of their products, it comes as no surprise that the company had its beginnings in the SCUBA industry.
Prior to CWIC’s inception, Founder and President Cindi Walters had been developing scuba equipment for 20 years as the Founder and President of Huntington Beach, California-based Cal Pacific Manufacturing. She simultaneously served as the first female president of the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association’s (DEMA) Board of Directors, while also a devoted single mother to three children.  
  In 1996, Body Glove offered Walters the brand license that was previously held by Voit, and CWIC was born. She formed the corporation from square one, specifically to distribute Body Glove snorkeling and swim products out of her Cal Pacific facility.
  Product, Packaging and Price
Walters knew she wanted to expand her products into larger sporting goods stores. In addition to the strength of the iconic Body Glove brand, she brought innovative products, eye catching packaging and stellar prices to the table. These key elements enabled Walters to bring pro-line snorkeling products out of the mom-and-pop scuba shops and into the big-name sporting goods stores.
  CWIC was seeing huge growth quickly, and Walters was running both businesses concurrently. It soon became apparent that all attention needed to be focused on CWIC, so in 2001 Walters closed Cal Pacific Manufacturing to focus solely on her growing venture. In an effort to secure the company's current 110,000 square-foot facility in Foothill Ranch, California, Walters mortgaged her home and sought loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  Walters' bold decisions paid off, and CWIC products are now sold by top retailers around the world. Walters is very involved in every aspect of her company and personally oversees product development of all products. She has made a mark in the sporting goods industry by designing innovative, cutting-edge products such as her new Learn-to-Swim and Aqua Fitness lines.
Forming Fluid
In 2009, CWIC became an official licensee of Disney and Walters has been hard at work developing Disney branded float suits, masks, snorkels, fins and accessories.
Finally, Walters has just released a top-of-the line dive and snorkel collection for Body Glove features cutting-edge masks, fins, snorkel and accessories. This rounds CWIC's product line offerings, as it now caters to every level of water adventurer.
  Branching Out
  Walters’ commitment to investing in quality products and dramatic packaging has paid off. CWIC products currently hold more than 30 separate patents, and the company was the first to patent its packaging. CWIC is the leader in the snorkeling category of the sporting goods market, with nearly 70 percent share, and is strategically expanding into other water sports categories.
  In addition to new advancements in snorkeling and swim products, CWIC is branching out into two new categories with all its brands in 2008/2009: learn-to-swim and swim fitness. In 2007, CWIC became a licensee in Canada for The Walt Disney Co. Consumer Products division. CWIC’s line of Disney aquatics products has begun with children’s float suits for swim training, and will ultimately include snorkeling equipment, technical water sports apparel and swim fitness products.
  CWIC is quickly becoming global, with new license rights in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Australia. Walters is also looking into additional licenses, product categories and further global expansion. Who knows what the future holds for her innovative and ambitious company!

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