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Aqua Angels is a non-profit organization developed in 2008 by CWIC Founder and President Cindi Walters. The organization is taking on the task of helping disadvantaged children in any way possible.
This exciting new undertaking represents the foresight and vision that has made CWIC a leader in the aquatics industry. Walters is approaching this worthy charity with the same passion and dedication she has given to both her business and her family.  
With Aqua Angels, Walters hopes to continue the “Pay it Forward” movement. Through her generosity as well as other devoted co-sponsors, Aqua Angels aims to have an impact on the lives of needy children around the world.  
Aqua Angels has called upon its global network of manufacturers, distributors, representatives, retailers and suppliers to support its selfless cause. Our goal isn’t to save the world, but to bring joy and happiness to as many children as possible – one smile at a time.  
Together, we can make a difference!  
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