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All New Two-Piece Suit  - 5/26/2010

The new SPF 50 two-piece child floatsuit is perfect for teaching your little ones how to swim!

Designed for children ages 2 to 6, the floatsuit helps prepare children for water success by teaching them the correct way to position their body when swimming.

While not a life vest rather a learn to swim aid, the floatsuit aids your child in learning how to move their arms, legs, and head with efficiency in the water. The SPF 50 Sunshade cap protects them from the sun, allowing for hours of swimming enjoyment.

Two-Piece Float Suit

* Separate top and bottom for easy on/off

* 50 SPF UV sun protection

* 100% polyester construction for durability and comfort

* Suit includes molded EPE foam inserts for buyancy and comfort

* Low-profile suit design reduces in-water drag and fatigue

For additional information on the Two-Piece Floatsuit, as well as how to bring it into your retail establishment email or call 949-448-9940.

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