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Talking about a Heat Waves, Heading for the Water and Snorkel Fun  - 4/7/2009

Beachgoers took advantage of the record temperatures in 1914 as they rose into the 80’s while inland water lovers found solace from the 95-degree heat by jumping into their pool.  This type of “heat” hasn’t scorched Southern California since 1914.  Much has changed since 1914 but some things never change, like escaping the hot rays of sun in the cool blue waters of the Pacific blue ocean or your local/private pool. 

One-way to escape the heat and enjoy your time in the water is to snorkel. Modern snorkeling can trace its roots back over 5,000 years of history. As technologies have advanced through the ages, so too did efforts to explore the ocean’s depths and escape the burning heat of the sun. Evidence from 3000 B.C. point to some of the earliest known free divers; sponge farmers in Crete. In a forerunner to the modern snorkel, ancient divers used hollow reeds to allow them to breathe while submerged in water. Thankfully the world of snorkeling and the technology surrounding the equipment has come along way…

Leading the way in research and development, CWIC is working through their Body Glove, Disney and Fluid lines to create the best aquatic products your money can buy.

From 3000 B.C. to 2008 one thing had not change in snorkeling – when you went under water your snorkel or hollow reed filled with water.  The great minds at CWIC and Body Glove got together and fixed this problem, by creating the first submersible 100% dry top snorkel. The dry top automatically closes when snorkelers dive under the surface of the water. When the snorkeler reaches the surface, the top automatically opens up and allows for immediate breathing.  No longer do snorkelers or divers have to “clear” their breathing tube, now they are safe to breathe as soon as they come to the surface.

Finally technology that allows you to see the world below and breathe in the world above. Want to learn get more information about snorkels?  Find the snorkel that best suites you?  Check out the Body Glove line of snorkels and masks.

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