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Lucent Set Now Available at Sam's Club  - 4/27/2009

Looking for a powerpacked snorkeling set for fun at the beach this summer? Available for a limited time at Sam's Club is our Body Glove Snorkeling Set that includes all you will need for fun in the ocean!! 

The set includes a newly designed Lucent single window mask with increased field of vision, QAS strap and silicone facial skirt. The silicone facial skirt provides the ulimate in comfort, is hyperallergenic and leak proof. The Alert Whistle Snorkel includes an angled silicone mouthpiece, purge valve for easy clearing and a notify whistle. Finally, the open heel Expanse fin has an easy to adjust heel strap and soft rubber foot pocket. An over the shoulder mesh gear bag completes the set. Click here to visit the Sam's Club site to learn more about the set!




Lucent Mask

  • Single window tempered glass lens provides increased field of vision
  • Silicone facial skirt provides a comfortable, leak-proof seal
  • QAS Quick Adjusting Strap for fast and easy adjustment

Alert Whistle Snorkel

  • 100% Submersible dry top snorkel
  • Silicone angled mouthpiece and pre bent flex section for a comfortable fit
  • Purge valve for easy clearing of any excess water

Expanse II Fins

  • Neoprene heel strap is comfortable and easy adjusting
  • Soft rubber foot pocket for maximum fit and comfort
  • Three material composite blade for flexibility and longevity
  • High efficiency channel system reduces fatigue and maintains power

Mesh Gear Bag

  • Over the shoulder carrying strap with drawstring closure
  • Zippered pocket
  • Key clip

 Also available for Youth is our Body Glove Youth Snorkeling set. Click here to learn more!


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