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Fish & Humans - What we Share  - 5/4/2009

What do fish and humans have in common? SCALES!! Wrong. Actually, the truth is that 90% of fish are nearsighted and 22 million+ humans are too.

Fish are nearsighted due to where the lens is located on their eye-- they experience the same problems but unfortunately have a lot more to put up with.  Predators, pitch dark water, pollution and having to hunt for every meal to name a few...

With limited vision, we have a hard time reading street signs, recognizing people from a distance and becoming a member of Top Gun.  Anyone with vision correction including contacts or glasses knows that it's a hassle to be able to see underwater.

A Solution To This Problem:  CWIC has a brand new, state-of-the-art mask available in three colors and three different corrective strength levels.  The Body Glove Optical Mask is much less expensive than a custom mask, not to mention the time spent hunting down a custom mask manufacturer.

The Optical Mask comes with a soft, comfortable silicon skirt and tempered wide angle glass lenses - making it ideal for snorkeling OR scuba.  You can't go wrong!  Click here to check it out! 

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