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Dive N' Surf Professional Snorkel Set  - 5/11/2009
Welcome to our rich tradition of innovation in timeless quality, sea ready Dive N' Surf snorkel gear! Now availalbe at Sport Chalet -- the Dive N' Surf Professional Dive Set -- made with high tensile strength silicone and precision tooled features. The set is ideal for unpredictable conditions and was created to provide the ultimate underwater experience!
High efficiency channel system to minimize leg fatigue
Easy adjusting heel strap
Designed for ultimate power
Reach Fin 
Purge valve for easy clearing of water
Notifying Whistle for safety
Silicone mouthpiece for comfort
Pre-bent mouthpiece for reduced jaw fatigue
100% submersible dry snorkel
Equity Mask
Silicone facial skirt
Side adjusting buckles for easy adjustments
Oversized tempered glass lenses
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