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CWIC and MIKA Reach Out to Children in Need  - 5/19/2009


C Walters Intercoastal Corp.  (CWIC) and Mika CDC Introduce Underprivileged Children to the Beach

C Walters reaches out to Costa Mesa kids - many of which never get a chance to surf or swim in the ocean.  CWIC and Mika are working to change a trend that sees 6 out of 10 underprivileged children in the US not exposed to beach activities or swim. 

C Walters Intercoastal Corp. (CWIC) has teamed up with Mika Community Development Corporation ( to help introduce underpriviliged children to the joys of a day at the ocean, specifically Newport Beach, CA.  The program is dedicated to teaching kids water familiarity, body surfing and surfing. 

The fun, kid-friendly outings, held in colloboration with Christian Surfers Outreach, consist of five camps spaced from May to September that bring groups of up to 30 children to Newport Beach.  the children in the program come from nearby Costa Mesa, which while just a couple of miles from the beach, might as well be a world away for kids who often never get the opportunities to enjoy the ocean.  All are fed breakfast and lunch and receive instruction a nearly one-to-one basis.

When camp attendees aren't suring they're finding new ways to enjoy the ocean with CWIC's in house aquatics line, Fluid, which includes masks, fins, inflatable hydroslings and other equipment that are part of the summer program.

"Mika's goal is to provide underprivileged kids with the opportunity to enjoy the ocean through surfing and swimming.  We are able to do this through the generous donations of both time and products and are thrilled to have CWIC as a product sponsor giving these kids a chance to enjoy the beach lifestyle.  We look forward to a long relationship with CWIC," said Keturah Kennedy, Director of Operations for Mika CDC. 

For more informations about the products that will be part of this donation, visit for details on the Mika CDC program, visit

About CWIC
Official Licensee for Body Glove Aquatics Products since 1996, Chapman Walters Intercoastal Corp.  (CWIC) has established snorkeling gear as its own specialty category of quality sports equipment in a range of designs to accommodate snorkelers of all ages and abilities.  The company now has a 65 percent share of the snorkeling market with quality masks, fins, snorkels, and accessories under the Body Glove name, as well as a proprietary line of snorkels, swim, and pool and beach toys under the Fluid brand.  In 2007, CWIC acquired the Disney license for water sports and toys in Canada.  The company is headquartered in Foothill Ranch, Calif.  (

About Mika CDC
Founded in 2003, Mika CDC's vision is to enable the leaders of six low-income neighborhoods of Costa Mesa to transform their communities through community building, youth programs and other community driven initiatives. 

About CSO
In 2005, CSO (Christian Surfers Outreach)  was started by a few friends who love to surf and wanted to make a positive impact on their community.  CSO is a youth program of Mika Community Development Corporation.  Mika works with at-risk youth in Costa Nesa's low income neighborhoods.  CSO has become one of MIKA's most recognizable programs.  Each Summer, experienced surfers volunteer their time to give youth an enjoyable, safe surfing experience that builds their self confidence and teaches them how to respect and take care of the ocean.  Many of these students live only a few miles from the beach, but never have the opportunity to elarn how to surf.  CSO gives them this chance.  (


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