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Aqua Fitness!  - 1/18/2010

Aqua Fitness

Protein Shakes, sneakers, water bottles, scales, treadmills, annoying grunting noises, and the group who thinks they got it going on... THE GYM.  Whether you frequent a place laden with "Gold", or prefer to work out at all hours "24", we at CWIC have an alternative.  What was once dismissed as a fad and sent off to be done only at retirement homes and summer camps is now back, with a watery vengeance.  With the focus of fitness straying away from heavy lifting and isolation of particular muscles, and moving onto strengthening the core and using resistance instead of weight, Water workouts are making a comeback.

"But what if I don't like to swim?"  Don't worry naysayer, I hear you and I have a hearty response to your argument.  you don't have to!  Whether or not you want to look into grabbing CWIC's new aqua fitness set (designed for Body Glove, WIley's For Dummies and Fluid), there are as many workouts under water as there are out of the water.  Just like any workout, start out by stretching and if the water is colder, just like if the air is colder, stretch more because your muscles need more time to warm up.  From there, take time to notice how the water provides resistance to certain movements and how although you feel lighter, many normal movements become much harder.  The beauty of the water workout is that you can dictate how hard you would like to work.  So take long breaks in between, don't push yourself as hard or really go for it wrecking yourself for the following day and experience a sensation you have likely never done before.  Also, injuries are much less common because water makes the average person 60% lighter, which takes stress off of their joints and bones - unlike the jarring and pounding of exercise or sports that require jogging or running. 

Arm Workouts: Once stretched and aware of resistance and your body in the water, proceed into some arm workouts.  Moving them like you were running "Jog Arms", arms at side, elbows bent at 90 degree angle and move them together in a clapping motion "Clap Arms", and a standing breast stroke just to name a few.  The arm workouts should take about 10 minutes and from there move down to the legs.

Now the majority of readers are going to say," How come I'm not pumped, or see the veins in my arms, or am sweating, or my arms don't feel heavy and tight like they do when I workout with weights?"  Wait for it, wait for it... Because you are not using weights!!  None of these workouts will feel  like your standard bicep curl, leg press, or bench press.  What they will feel like is more of a Pilates, yoga, or anything that requires a medicine ball or elastic bands.

Leg Workouts: For the legs, keep your abs tight as much as you can.  This will help strengthen your core and stabilize your arms and your legs to work together.  Just like "Jog Arms", "Jog Legs" is also applicable and a great first workout to do.  Move from "Jog Legs" to " Bike Legs", a movement that resembles the action on a bike.  After that, "Cross Country Legs" is next and you need to keep your legs straight and left in front, right in back, and vice versa.  "Kick Legs" is next; one leg on the ground and the other kicking.  It's not just four workouts, there are a ton more, just use your imagination and don't be afraid to try and perform some exercises that are usually done out of the water, in the water.  Once again, ten minutes on legs at your desired pace is just fine, now move into aerobic and strength training.

Aerobic and Strength Training:  This is you combination of everything and where the majority of your work will be done.  Push yourself, have fun, and do your best to explore your body's movements and how to exercise your muscles in a new, fresh way.  Start out by combining the breast stroke and bike leg workout.  This will feel a little awkward and different but if it does, Good News!  You will be working muscles in a new way you have never done before and your body will reward you for it!  Now "Jog Arms" and "Kick Legs".  Keep the "Jog Arms" going and move into "Jog Arms" with "Cross Country Legs".  Just like a land aerobics class, don't stop moving, it's incredibly important to keep your heart rate up, your body working, and your abs as tight as possible.  Almost done, "Scissor Legs" to "Cross Country Legs", Scoop Arms" with "Jog Legs" and last, push it!, "Clap Arms" with "Flutter Legs". 

You are done!! Congratulations, you have successfully completed your first Aqua Fitness Workout.  Now mix up your routine, rest, and come back with a new vigor to improve yourself and have fun in the water.  And don't forget, at CWIC we have a wonderufl 7 piece Aqua Fitness set that work great and will help you improve your workouts and get better results.

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