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Choosing the Right Mask  - 2/9/2009
  A mask is a window to another world, and a piece of gear that’s as personal as it is important. The primary concern is for a proper fit, followed by a good field-of-view.
Face Skirts
The key to a great fit is a great face skirt which is both comfortable and prevents nagging leaks. The highest quality masks use soft, supple silicone skirts with double-feathered edges that naturally conform to facial contours and are great for extended use.

More economical masks employ composite skirts, which also seal well and are highly durable. They’re great for casual use and popular for younger snorkelers.

Silicone masks are the best choice for those with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

  To maximize field of view there are numerous lens configurations, but larger lenses, like our oversized designs deliver a dramatic increase in viewing area while maintaining a trim profile. Another option is a multi-lens mask, which uses side panels to extend peripheral vision. This technology has been improved with our patented beveled lens design which combines lenses with little or no visual distortion at the seam.
Oversized Lenses – Body–– Glove Lucent   Multi Lens Design - Body Glove Illuminary
  Specialty Designs
  Specialty designs and comfort-enhancing features are also popular in modern mask design and can significantly enhance the user’s experience. Choices include rigid, low-profile frames, like our Body Glove Wide Nose Design which brings lenses closer to the eyes for increased field of view, or the ultra flexible, such as the unique Enfold mask, which has no frame at all and can be folded in half for the ultimate in compact travel.
Specialty Mask – Enfold    
  Mask Straps
  A number of mask strap options are also available, with swiveling buckles that make masks more comfortable and donning easier and quick-clip designs that literally make strap attachment a snap. Our patented design the QAS (Quick-Adjusting-Strap) includes a lightweight buckle in the center of the strap which makes adjustments simple and fast. One-way ratchets allow tightening with a gentle pull while a two-finger squeeze provides instant slack. The wide design also eliminates the discomfort of traditional straps that tug or tangle in hair.
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