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DEMA 2009 Recap  - 12/1/2009

CWIC was thrilled to be a part of the DEMA show November 4-7 in Orlando, Florida! 

At Dema 2009, Team CWIC focused on sharing ways in which the dive industry can share their passion for the underwater world with swimmers, snorkelers and water enthusiasts, who after repeated exposure and education are very likely to graduate into divers.

                Betsy Royal (CWIC Speciaty Sales), Cindi Walters,                                   Betsy Royal, Margo Peyton (Founder of Kids Sea Camp),
       and Abbas Hassan (Body Glove Licensee for the Middle East)                          Carolyn Pascal (Florida Life & Travel), and Cindi Walters

                                                                                       Betsy Royal & Cindi Walters

"The dive industry has an amazing opportunity to capture a much larger audience by offering a wider range of water sports products," says CWIC Founder and President Cindi Walters."We teamed up with Body Glove International, Padi and Sport Diver Magazine to share the all-new Drop Zone, Dive In Program, designed to inspire men, women, children and families to evolve into divers. We strongly maintain that for dive shops to capture the attention of today's water enthusiast, they need to appeal to them on whatever level they are at. And as they gain confidence in the water, they are more prone to give diving a try."

The show was a great success! Thank you to all who visit our booth!! For more information on the event and our marketing programs surrounding the dive industry or for information on ordering products for your dive shop, please email

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