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  Open Water Swim - A New Genre  - 6/5/2009
  The New Genre is taking the open water swim world by storm!
  CWIC and For Dummies: A Smart Idea  - 6/5/2009
  CWIC is now a licensee of For Dummies Products! Learn more about this new and exciting development...
  New Genre Mask Featured in LA Times  - 6/15/2009
  The LA Times is now featuring own New Genre Mask! Read more...
  Autism Expert Product Review  - 6/18/2009
  Autism Learning Felt conducts a review of the Hydrosling and Learn to Swim! Read more...
  Sink or Swim  - 6/24/2009
  Fluid Friend Wraps Featured on  - 6/30/2009
  Our Fluid Friend Wraps are now featured in the Los Angeles Examiner Online. Check out the article!
  H20 Inspirations  - 6/30/2009
  "You've been walking in circles, searching. Don't drink by the water's edge. Throw yourself in. Become the water. Only then will your thirst end." - Jeanette Berson
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