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  Amaze II / Whistle II
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Amaze II / Whistle II
    Item # 25-21-90

·         Amaze II Mask: Classic two lens mask, tempered glass lenses meet ANSI standards, easy to adjust side buckles, ultra-soft silicone nose pocket, wide silicone comfort strap and hypoallergenic silicone facial skirt.

·         Alert Whistle II:  100% Submersible Dry Top, lower purge valve, silicone mouthpiece and built in notify whistle that can be heard over great distances.

  Price: $49.95
  The Brand
Body Glove is an iconic water sports brand founded by twin brothers, Bob and Bill Meistrell, who left their sleepy Missouri hometown in the 1940s and headed west toward the Pacific Ocean. They settled in Manhattan Beach, CA and instantly took to the water, becoming lifeguards, scuba instructors and California surfing pioneers.
In 1953, the Meistrells bought the Dive N’ Surf store and expanded it into a retail institution.
They found a new insulating material called neoprene and invented the first practical wetsuit, opening California waters to year-round enjoyment. Their skin-tight suit “fit like a glove,” and Body Glove was born. Today, the Body Glove brand has been ranked 34th in consumer awareness, and first in the water sports hard goods category.
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