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  Jr. Jewel/ Beacon
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Jr. Jewel/ Beacon
    Item # PC-14-90
  • Designed for youth
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Silicone facial skirt
  • Nose pocket purge valve for easy clearing and equalization
  • Beveled cut lenses eliminates the "blind-spots" commonly found in other masks
  • Soft pre-bent mouthpiece provides soft, comfortable fit
  • Adjustable snorkel keeper provides secure attachment to mask
  • Purge valve allows easy clearing of any water from snorkel
  • Submersible Dry Top (SDT) Patent Pending
  Price: $1.00
  The Brand
Fluid Water Sports was created by CWIC Founder and President, Cindi Walters, in 1999 in order to cater to the mass market. The brand provides premium recreational aquatics products and water toys to retail giants like Wal-Mart and major U.S. sporting goods stores. Walters’ tenacity has seen Fluid grow into a respected water sports brand, with the potential for increased distribution in the future. Plans to branch out into new aquatics categories, like learn-to-swim and swim fitness, will guarantee Fluid’s expansion.
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